• Traceability from source
    We apply a fully vertically integrated production system, with complete traceability from source.
    Animal welfare
    We assure the highest standards of welfare for our animals during all stages of the production cycle, from farm to plant.
  • SIAL 2020
    September 28th – 30th
    Certified security
    We hold the most demanding hygiene and food safety certifications, such as IFS, BRC and ISO 14001.
    Production capacity
    Patel's three production plants assure optimal production capacity to meet any production challenge.
  • Guaranteed quality
    Patel products offer a very high, consistent quality standard throughout the catalogue.
    Global partners
    We act as global partners with our international network of customers, with total confidence as our chief value.

Pork Division

Patel is the trade name of the Vall Companys Group's pork products. It operates three company-owned abattoirs and four cutting rooms, generating more than 300,000 tons of top-quality fresh pork a year, which are exported to the world's most demanding markets.
Production of pork from white pigs by the various group companies stands at over 4.3 million animals per year. Process integration and verticalization ensure a consistently high quality standard in all processes.

Pork, your best partner



Vall Companys is a leading Spanish family-owned agri-food group founded in 1956. The Vall Companys Group operational model is based on the integration of all stages of the production process, and the work of dedicated professionals who are highly trained in their respective fields.

Quality and Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a priority in our abattoirs, and for this reason all necessary measures are put in place to ensure it is respected: optimisation of transport and holding pen times, automated conveyance of animals to the CO2 stunning units, officially approved training for all personnel involved in animal handling and meticulous control of the entire procedure.
The company, furthermore, holds a certification in animal welfare, renewed every six months by an external company, which meets requirements even more stringent than in current legislation. In this way, an effective system is maintained to ensure animal welfare is respected throughout the process.
  • Control of all production stages.

  • Control of raw materials:
    Certified suppliers and Quality specifications.

  • Process control: On-line traceability, HACCP Critical Control Points, ISO 14001, BRC, IFS, QS, BBC.

  • Certified, auditable documentation.

  • Quality, Food Safety and Environment Policy.


Vertical integration system

Patel and its various production plants make up a fully integrated production and marketing process, covering all stages from reproduction, nutrition and animal rearing to slaughter, quartering, packaging and distribution of the end product, as well as all complementary processes (veterinary pharmacy, integrated logistics, etc.).

This verticalization and integration policy allows full traceability of any product to source, and ensures consistent, stable quality throughout the production line.

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